Colfax, Washington grain producer Bill Myers’ 1936 Ford truck is the same vintage as the Palouse farm he operates. Though most of his crop goes to the elevator, Myers stores a portion of his wheat, barley, and lentils chemical-free, and sells the grain to local food enthusiasts through his own company, Joseph’s Grainery. “Nothing is added,” says Myers, “and nothing is left out.” Photo by field editor Steve Werblow, from the article “Pound By Pound,” The Furrow, Summer 2012.

Here at The Furrow and Homestead magazines, we love looking through the photos our field editors capture on their travels. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space in our print magazines. So with “The Occasional Photo,” we’ll showcase some of the inspiring photography we just couldn’t make room for in the magazine. We may dust off some favorite shots from past articles, too. Enjoy, and check back for more from “The Occasional Photo.”

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