Illinois-based artist Paul Lange has worked with The Furrow and Homestead magazines for almost 20 years, and is best-known to readers for the illustrations accompanying our “Green and Growing” column. We’ve asked Paul to pick a few of his favorite illustrations from his work with our magazines, and to share the story of how he arrived at each composition.

“Whether you raise, or ever thought of raising chickens, cold winter weather can be a concern.”

Chickens need fresh water, dry bedding and a draft free place to live in the winter.

Something cozy and warm.

Usually I do several rough sketches to develop an idea. Only one rough was needed for the art director, Tom Sizemore and I on this one. I did a final sketch and then on to the final digital art…

The idea was to use color to show temperature in a simple way. Designed with a storybook simplicity, the color becomes the star. Blurring the outside lends a “middle of a snowstorm” hazy quality to the illustration and helps lead the eye to the yellow focused window.


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