“Make sure the sledding area is free of obstacles,” he notes, “with no motor vehicle traffic in the area. Have designated up and down routes—this will help limit kid-into-kid crashes. Adult supervision is also key.

Done it. Been there. This one was fun even if I didn’t add the way more dangerous stunts we pulled.

This became a puzzle fitting all of the dangers into one painting. I began by letting the negative (white) space define the steepness of the hill and a pair of legs on the left. My red under-painting peaks out from under the blue snow and draws attention to some of the major dangers: the stump, the car, the bowled-over-walker and of course the flying red sledder.


Illinois-based artist Paul Lange has worked with The Furrow and Homestead magazines for almost 20 years, and is best-known to readers for the illustrations accompanying our “Green and Growing” column. We’ve asked Paul to pick a few of his favorite illustrations from his work with our magazines, and to share the story of how he arrived at each composition.

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