Perennials: It’s all about commitment

They stick with you year after year

“While annual flowers brighten your life for season and then fade away, perennials bounce back every spring to be there for you..”

This is one of my favorite solutions!

My first roughs included gardeners. They were in love with other gardeners or some gardening implement. Kind of hackneyed and missing the point. Besides, the idea of including people brought too many preconceptions to the solution. So I weeded them out (pun intended).


So what  happened to the gardeners I got rid of? Actually, they’re still there. They are us. The viewers and the participants. We are the gardeners as we prepare to walk down the beautiful aisle framed by the flowers we grew…

A general rule of thumb for designers is to take away elements until it doesn’t work anymore. Then add just enough back in to make it work again. It keeps things simple.

As I eliminated the extra characters, the idea came to life.

Illinois-based artist Paul Lange has worked with The Furrow and Homestead magazines for almost 20 years, and is best-known to readers for the illustrations accompanying our “Green and Growing” column. We’ve asked Paul to pick a few of his favorite illustrations from his work with our magazines, and to share the story of how he arrived at each composition.

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