In his story, “Bed, Breakfast, and Barnyard,” (Homestead, Winter 2009), field editor Dean Houghton profiled Ward and Barb Halligan, proprietors of a bed-and-breakfast on CornerStone Farms near Clarksville, Virginia. B&B guests were allowed…encouraged, even…to help out with chores on the farm, making CornerStone an early entrant into the agri-tourism market.

Here at The Furrow and Homestead magazines, we love looking through the photos our field editors capture on their travels. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space in our print magazines. So with “The Occasional Photo,” we’ll showcase some of the inspiring photography we just couldn’t make room for in the magazine. We may dust off some classic shots from past articles, too. Enjoy, and check back for more from “The Occasional Photo.”

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